"I've been designing our

puppet primary school for the scale of two-thirds the size of you humans!"


Mr Muddles knows all about scales! Unfortunately he has been using them to sing with instead of concentrating on using them for the set design!

Mr Muddles


Maths Master

Here is his idea for the look of the school

Meanwhile for the inside he has been busy

sticking together bits of balsa wood to make the rooms that will be shown.

School from above:

On left side is the Headmaster's Office, the Caretakers Store Room then up higher, the Staff Room

The entrance reception area where Mrs Dorothy Furkins,

School Secretary, hangs out watching YouTube clips on the monitor!

SET tested at Whizz Kids, Spring Harvest 2018

We put up part of the reception to act out some puppet sketches. Door and hatchway work well.

Hatchway came from an old mirror frame I last used in assembly, standing behind it pretending to be John from Thunderbirds 5!

Previously ...


Busy in the garden over the summer!


Thanks to Alan for spending 2 days on this.