The iphone and Android Christmas 2017 App WEBSITE!


Hello to everyone at the Big Church Day Out 2017!
Welcome to That Puppet 2017 Advent Calendar! This is the home page of the family puppet advent calendar app. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get an idea of what we are trying to do this Christmas time.

"I'm in a panic about sorting out the Nativity ... can you help me?"

"We asked children to pick our names and design our clothes. Click on me!"

"Click on me to see the introduction leaflet that we have produced."

"I'm building the set and am looking

for ideas.

Click on me."

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" I don't really know why I am here. I'm in a bit of a dream right now.

Don't click me."

"Er...I'm really interested in getting all the facts about the Nativity correct. I love History. I think it's facinating!

Click on me to find out more.

"Let's keep fit this Christmas.

Click on me."

"There's no business like snow business so someone sang. But snow is amazing!

Click on me to find out more.

Welcome to That Puppet 2017 Advent Calendar! This will be the home page of the family puppet advent calendar app. This page gives you a brief description of the puppet advent calendar and what to expect from the app. The puppet advent app is being designed to provide you and the family with a Christian advent calendar with daily video clips explaining the truth behind Christmas, the nativity and other aspects of the Christian message, through song, drama, craft, cracker jokes, puzzles and illusions! The puppets (performing as teachers) form a serial story around Little Handling Primary School's mis-advent-ure through advent and their coping with it - finding out themselves all sorts of new things along the way. All this delivers a friendly and entertaining way for your family to enjoy the countdown to Christmas this coming year. So remember to download the app and join in the fun! This page will provide relevant links to the free application to download on to your phones or tablets as they become available closer to the start of December 2017! If you would like more information or join our mailing (email) list CLICK HERE Contact Us!