"Hey dudes.

It'a be really cool

for you to scrool

down the list and see

how you can prayerfully be"

Our Active Prayer List

15 Jan 2018

Mr Del Awar

School Cool Dude Teacher

2. Leaflets with the DVD - that they would reach those that teach children and parents. (23 Nov 2017)

We're now doing further church packs which include leaflets and badges and a DVD! Please ask.

4. Props! We need to find props to make it feel like a 'working' school. Where are they all coming from? Ebay, skips, folk, school being knocked down locally, maybe council waste? Full list soon. (15 Jan)

3. App design. Pray thay the designer involved would find the necessary time early in 2018 to push the design forward. (15 Jan)

1. Timetabling - we need a well worked out plan of action for this year - in faith - even though we do not have all the pieces of the jigsaw together yet. We are looking for God's direction.

5. John Hardwick is now looking to do his Advent project this year, which would mean we could grab a few new songs for out project. Please pray for the finances for this. (15 Jan)

6. A place to film. We need a fairly large space, something like 15ft by 20ft to put up the sets to film in. If it's used by others, then it would need to have an area to store the sets and equipment until shooting is complete. IDEALLY, looking for a space to put the set up and leave it for the whole shoot. If it had a good amount of power sockets and a kitchen and toilet ... fantastic. (23 Nov)

Answered Prayer List

1. "As this has got to be of a quality that stands upto today's TV and app design, we aren't going to be upset if we don't make it for Christmas 2017 for public launch". And we haven't made it one sense. But in another - KICKSTARTER! This helped us sort out our ideas a little more, and also how we presented them.

2. Over Christmas 2017, we were offered help on the set construction, voice-overs and puppeteering.

3. Voice recordings. Answer: We found a lady whose got a load of voices! Brilliant. Please still pray for 'time' for another 'voicer' that he can come and record. (A local recording studio is doing the job, and Dave is very flexible on his approach).

4. One Way puppets gave us a free stand at their Festival in Rugby in October from which we were able to give out packs for churches and individuals.