"Hey dudes.

It'a be really cool

for you to scrool

down the list and see

how you can prayerfully be"


Active Prayer Lists

Mr Del Aware

School Cool Dude Teacher

1. For the sending out of leaflets with the DVD - that they would reach those that teach children and parents.

2. Ongoing set construction. Door framing and windows in 'motion' Basic design done, but Props need to be sourced to dress set to make it feel like a 'working' school. Where are they all coming from? Ebay, skips, folk, school being knocked down locally, maybe council waste?

3. Voice recordings. Folk who can do voices are busy people and tied up with families and everyday life so it can be a big ask to get them to the mic! We need to have space created for them to step up. A local recording studio is doing the job, can Dave is very flexible on his approach.

4. As this has got to be of a quality that stands upto today's TV and app design, we aren't going to be upset if we don't make it for Christmas 2017 for public launch. BUT we want to launch it to folk in a test stage for it to be throughly looked at and evaluated. We need enough people - 100 - onboard ready to do this at Christmas.