"I've got some great things about the Nativity story that not many people know about."

"Did you know that the Bible doesn't mention there being anything about THREE wise men/kings/magi?

"What!" I hear you cry?

Well it's true. And when they visited Mary and Joseph,

they were in fact visiting the HOUSE where Mary and Joseph were.

"Never" I hear you gasp!

Well as I keep saying to Mella, just take a moment and look it up in the New Testament of the Bible. It's in the Gospels. In the one written by that chap Matthew. It's about two chapers in, and it's after they've popped into see horrid old King Herod who didn't have a clue as to what was going on or why they were there or what they were asking. Made him look like a right old self-important puffed-up king with egg on his face! (err - that bits not in the Bible - the egg on the face bit - just my embellishment ... see how easy it is to add things in!)"

Mr Freddricks

School History Master