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UPDATED 26th May 2022

School Productions


Further Ordering

(Free delivery to the school during term time)


'Spring Festival' 2022


Free Delivery:


free delivery to school during term time

How we shoot the performance

This performance was shot with four cameras. This allows for close ups without zooming in or out. It also gives a 'what you see on television' feel to it.


Editing afterwards and Expected Delivery


This takes time as we want to get the best out of every dance. There's titling, graphic design, menu creation etc. When we have a few productions on the go at the same time, (Christmas and end of Summer Term) it could take a few more weeks than usual to get to you, (but still far shorter than a big studio would produce their DVDs in!). Estimated delivery to your dance school is beginning of Summer Term 2022.


We try to keep the 'essence' of the dance within the editing, staying with the changes in the choreography at the key changes.


Child Protection

Orders will be verified with the Dance School, and will only be handed out at the school.

Download codes will only work once, and are given out via email, which can also be checked with the Dance School.


Data Protection

We keep our order records for 1 year, as that is the latest anyone has come back to us about not receiving their copy! As for Paypal information, please review their own policy.

Finished DVD

The DVD will be colour printed, and have a full menu with selection menus for acts or parts, so that you can easily select your child’s performance. Inside the box there is an info sheet featuring the programme run-down. The box itself has a full colour inlay, featuring some of the performances in pictures.



Downloads come in a similar package to the DVD. The HD file/s will be included on a DVDrom, which acts the same as a USB stick for transferring onto your computer. This acts as a future backup to losing your download file.

For those that don't have a DVD player anymore, there is included a download link and passcode. The opportunity to download will last about 6 months, and once downloaded, the link becomes void. Repeat downloads will come at the same original price.


Free Delivery

Free delivery on orders up until Easter 2022, and the  first orders are fulfilled as 'batches' delivered the school/group Summer Term. After Easter (once first orders are on their way) postage will be aded.



Should your disk not play, we will replace it. If you haven't received your disk when others have, please get in contact immediately. We keep full records. We're not perfect, but will rectify any mistake made as quickly as we can - but you need to tell us!

Full DVD and Downloads come in similar package

Colour cover with pictures on back

 & inside programme detail sheet

Price for DVD or Download

from £20.00

free delivery to school

during term time

Click here for detailed information

Order here - 3 variations


Library box etc, (same as with DVD)

but with a backup

DVDrom Disk

(HD files on a disk that acts like a

USB stick, to transfer - not play - files)

Also, there is a pass code for computer only download of the HD files

via Transfernow

 (not mobile phones)due to size


Option B


Library box,

Colour cover with pictures on back

 & inside programme detail sheet,


DVD Disk


Option A

DVD with Download

Library box, colour cover with pictures on back

 & inside programme detail sheet,


DVD Disk

and a

download code for computer only download (not mobile phones) due to size


Option C


Choose 'option' from dropdown menu.

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The Granville - Spring Festival 2022
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If you wish to purchase a DVD, or a DVDrom (containing a backup of the HD file

as a hard copy in-case of computer failure), or as a download,

or as any combination, please use the Paypal ordering buttons below.

(Payment is handled through Paypal's secure servers)