You will need Card/sellotape paper / pen glue / sissors double-sided sticky tape UPDATED 23rd June 11:39
Joseph Diorama Crafts Week 8 : The Pyramids!
Week 8

You will need to print or copy the pyramid preferably onto light card.


Download and print out the craft by clicking on the picture to the right. This week it is very quick and very simple. If you can print onto light card, or print and stick on the light card it would help a lot.

CLICK to download

Colour in your pyramid first as it will be a lot easier.


Think about the colours you are using. What are pyramids made of? What colour are they at sunset, or mid-day?


Once coloured in, cut around the black edges but not across the dotted lines.










Then fold everything along the dotted lines.





It will be easier to stick it together if you have double sided tape or glue.




If you are using Sellotape at least stick one side to the two others with the Sellotape attached on the inside of the pyramid.








Sticking this together will be a little bit tricky and that’s why it’s better to do it In a light card or very stiff paper.




If you do another two pyramids it will really add to the overall Joseph diorama!




(Or maybe just do one more and cut it in half!

See below)

We will carry on each week and build into a big diorama!
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