You will need some of these depending on what you do Card/sellotape paper / pen glue / sissors double-sided sticky tape UPDATED 23rd June 11:39
Joseph Diorama Crafts Week 7 : Cupbear's Cupboard
Week 7 : 16th June 2020

You will need card for this craft, either from a shoebox, or empty cereal packet or from elsewhere. It needs to be fairly thick.

Depending what you have at hand, we used a guillotine, cut your card similar to what you see in the picture. Please refer to the size of the cups you made last week when constructing the box. The idea is to have the smaller cups on the top and the larger ones on the bottom. It’s helpful if the back of the cupboard is square, and all the sides are of the same width. In the picture you can see the back four sides and the extra bit above is for the shelf. Note: the shelf needs to be a few millimetres longer than the top of the box.


Use Sellotape to stick the sides flatly against the back. Then when you bend you will find the Sellotape holds it very well in position, or if it becomes slightly detached the Sellotape is in place to very quickly pressed down again. If you try to stick it in the actual position it’s more difficult.Once you have a corner in place you will find the rest of the box comes together quite quickly and more easily. Then it’s a matter of putting the shelf in. Measure a mark along opposite sides of where the shelf is going to attach, So that you don’t get a wonky shelf. Then where the market is on both sides cut one straight line halfway across the width and another line at a slight angle to intersect the end of the cut of the previous cut. As your shelf is a few millimetres wider on each side cut halfway into the width of slight indentation so that the back of the shelf fits neatly between the two sides. Just follow how it’s described in the pictures.


The shelf should push quite tightly now into the back of the box. You will not need to glue it at all, but need to remove it in a moment.


I had one very tall So I knew I would have to cut into myself in order to allow it to stand up so at this point I made an adjustment. This is where sticky tape comes in very handy, especially double sided tape. If you have that take out your top shelf and put it in place and put it in place on the bottom of your box to. Then carefully stick the top cups onto the top Shelf and the taller ones on the bottom. As I had a very long cup I had to put the shelf in first and then stick the bottom ones on, but if you don’t then stick the bottom ones in first and then add the shelf lastly. And there you have it, a very cheap and easy make, but something that ends up looking fantastic! It’s very delicate but is all held in place.

We will carry on each week and build into a big diorama!
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