You will need some of these depending on what you do Card/paper stapler / coloured pens glue / sissors coloured paper UPDATED 23rd June 11:39
Joseph Diorama Crafts Week 5 : Baker's Breadbasket
Week 5 :

You will need some card or paper and coloured pens for the easier of our craft today with maybe a stapler or glue or sticky tape to fix things together. For the more difficult craft, you will need coloured pieces of paper and glue.

More complicated craft

Take a light coloured or plain white piece of light card or thicker paper and place it on the table in front of you. Choose an object which you can draw around to make a round circle. Do this with a pen or pencil. either with a ruler or some other form of measuring, decide where the centre of your circle is. Then draw a swirly line either from the outside swelling inside of the in side swelling out now that you have found the centre Of your circle. Do this again with another colour and perhaps once more with another colour. Choose your colours carefully! After colouring in cut round your circle, and then cut from the outside edge straight to the middle of the circle one single cut. Now overlap with two formed edges and glue together. There you have a very simple cup/basket.

For the more complicated craft, take two pieces of coloured paper, hold them together and then cut them into strips as you can see in the picture. Gather your strips together into the two different colours that you have chosen, and then interweave them as you can see in the picture again. Once you have woven them together bend the ends upwards then cut some more strips, And edge and stick the basket to the taps that are already bent upwards. And there you have it a woven baskets all held together beautifully.

We will carry on each week and build into a big diorama!
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