You will need Card/material scraps paper / coloured pens glue / sissors string or wool or twine UPDATED 16th May 20:26
Joseph Diorama Crafts Week 4 : Joseph in Prison
Week 4 :

You'll need a shoe box or smaller. Perhaps one with a cellophane window (display type of box) . Craft sticks if you have them, or straight woodland  sticks (if you go out walking or straws). Or just an empty breakfast cereal box.

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Add a white top to Joseph if you haven't done so.


Then get an empty packet or box. Cut into one side so that you end up with strips, but don't cut right to the top - leave a gap.


Then peel back alternate strips, and cut them off.


Use the cut off strips by reversing them and sticking them onto the remaining strips, now resembling bars!


Add further strips across the bottom of the bars to secure everything together.


Alternative bars could be made from sticks, straws or lolly sticks.


Now for the stones. You can download a pdf here and print out a sheet to colour in for yourself, or do your own

stone artwork design and colour in!


Stick the stones on each side of the prison, and at the top above the bars.


For the roof, cut another spare bit of leftover box and decorate with a roof design. Then stick it on top of the box.


And there you have, a prison you can put your Joseph in. Well done.

We will carry on each week and build into a big diorama!
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