You will need Card/material scraps paper / coloured pens glue / sissors string or wool or twine UPDATED 16th May 20:26
Joseph Diorama Crafts Week 3: Joseph as a Slave running Potipar's household
To cloth Joseph as a slave and to make a palm tree

If you made Joseph last week he needs a change of clothes to a simple white shift outfit.  Very simple.


Place your cardboard Joseph on a piece of paper or cloth folded at the top and draw the outline of a simple shift outfit to go down to his knees.  Then cut out – leaving the top bit joined at the fold.  Then cut out the neck space and pop it over Joseph.



We will carry on each week and build into a big diorama!

Now for the Palm Trees:


Simple toilet roll version


Take some green paper (or plain paper to be coloured later) and cut out the palm leaf shapes.  (if you fold your paper you just have to do half a leaf on one side of the fold and cut so it will be perfectly symmetrical!

Then just sellotape as many leaves as you like to the top of the toilet roll to finish your Palm Tree.


Take one toilet roll (or two – one on top of the other). And decorate as a palm tree trunk.



All in one paper palm tree


Depending on your chosen size of tree take a piece of A4 sized paper (or fold to make two smaller A5 sized ones).


Roll up the shorter side to make a cylinder shape.   Then affix with a piece of Sellotape to hold it in place.


Make some small vertical cuts into the top of the cylinder – about 3 – 4 cm long.


Then slowly pull up the inside cut bits of the cylinder, twisting slightly to reveal the palm branches of your tree.  The rest is the trunk.


You can use coloured paper or plain and colour it before you fold it.


Your trees can be any colour you like!  And you can make loads of them – An oasis of palm trees!

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