You will need Card/material scraps paper / coloured pens glue / sissors string or wool or twine UPDATED 16th May 20:26
Joseph Diorama Crafts Week 2: Joseph and his coat of many colours
To make and cloth Joseph and one of his brothers

Cut out a strip of card approx. 12” (30cm) by 4” (10cm) then fold it along the short end so making it  6”x 4”.(15x5cm)

Draw a picture of a man on it.  His head at the fold so you get two men attached at the top, so that they can stand up by themselves!  If accidentally you end up with two separates, just glue together at the head.

Then fold and cut your material, to turn it into a tunic that will fit your man. Draw an outline on the material first before cutting, the neck being at the fold. Cut around your outline and make a small slit for the head on the fold.  Slip it over his head and he is dressed (phew)!  If you are using paper instead of material for this just do exactly the same, but then colour in your tunic.

Then cut some string long enough to go around his waist and tie up in the middle.








If you have just a single piece of card cut out a small bit to use as a prop and fold it at the bottom and top – the top fits in behind his waist band and the bottom just folds to keep him standing.

Decide which brother you have made and he will be in plain clothes and Joseph of course, will be in the decorative one colour etc.

We will carry on each week and build into a big diorama!
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